“You have a way of taking everything I think, and want to say and making it sound so much better.” — A Client of Thomas Baldrick

You’re on the clock with preparing for an event. That’s not the time to lose time writing. Nor is it the time to add frustration to your pressure and responsibilities. Forcing the writing process on yourself can be painful and counterproductive.

If you can’t find the right words, just say the word. You’ve got your professional writing solution right here.

Can you think it? Can you talk about it? Is there a story to tell? If so, Thomas Baldrick can write it.

Trust in hiring a “Writing Ace”: Accurate – Creative – Experienced.


TV: Thomas has written hundreds of hours of words spoken on television. There were scripts for news, sports, entertainment, and feature reports. There were scripts for documentaries, specials, and other long-form shows. There were scripts for on-air promos and commercials.

Radio: He has written (and recorded) dozens of commercials aired on radio.


Books: He has authored two small press books (now out of print). These published books were celebrations of children. Thomas toured the country making media and public appearances to promote and discuss the books. They raised money for various children’s charities.

Magazines: For years, he was the columnist for monthly Chandler Magazine in the city where he resides in Arizona.

Corporate: He has written countless hours of scripts for corporate events and video productions. This includes custom TV Newscasts, other live onstage performances, speeches, comedy bits, patient profiles, and many, many kinds of marketing messages.

Thomas Baldrick can help you figure you your story. He can help you to tell it. He can polish your story so it shines with your audience.

The writing topics can be emotional or motivational. They can explain sales goals or emphasize service to others. They can be sharing straightforward information which needs to be made interesting.

Whatever pieces you need written, you enjoy peace of mind with the professional writing services of Thomas Baldrick.

Don’t waste time in trying to write the perfect email about why you need help writing. Give Thomas a call now. (844) 888-0200