This is not breaking news. At least it shouldn’t be. If Thomas Baldrick and his professional team deliver custom Live TV Newscasts to liven up your events, they must know video production. The real story is even better. They are your all-in-one script to screen solution.

The Event TV News Team can cover you and your event with a complete range of video production services. For corporations and organizations, we provide concept development, pre-production and scriptwriting, on-location or in-studio shooting, and post-production editing. It’s everything you need for high-quality videos which meet or exceed all of your objectives.

Aside custom Live TV Newscasts, here are some examples of the video production services we do to help make your event a success:

  • Pre-Event Videos. Interviews and promotional videos informing people and getting them excited about your upcoming event.
  • On-Location Event coverage. We’ll have a camera crew on the scene to capture all of the action, and VIP interviews you will want to document your event. These videos can be produced for immediate same-day distribution, or future use following your event.
  • Sales and Marketing Videos. Most corporate meetings see the benefits of a combining pre-produced videos to support or enhance live onstage presentations. Featuring management and other important people in well-edited and focused videos guarantees your audience gets the key takeaways of your event.
  • Customer and Vendor Videos. These videos are invaluable for playing to the audience at corporate meetings and events. Featuring the personal stories of those you help with your products and/or services is powerful. It offers all kinds of ways to reach, teach, focus, and inspire attendees regarding the main goals of your event.

For roughly 20 years, pharmaceutical companies have been entrusting Thomas Baldrick with telling the very personal stories of patients, including those who are or were critically ill. If he can tell great stories in these highly sensitive situations, rest assured your important people will have a positive and memorable experience sharing their story with your audience.



  • Post-Event Videos. These videos can be produced to be a straightforward recap of your event, or simply as a fun way to end your event, sending everyone home with big smiles and laughs. Post-event videos can serve multiple masters and audiences. Think about the value of looping in those who didn’t or couldn’t attend. For example, corporate board members, employees, vendors, and customers.

Before, during, and after your important meeting or gathering, Event TV News has you covered beyond custom Live TV Newscasts. Call now to explore the video production solutions we can provide for you.

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