Three Feet From Gold book

Have you read the book, “Three Feet From Gold”? It’s a unique, modern-day follow up of sorts to the Napoleon Hill’s eternal classic, “Think and Grow Rich.” Hill’s book was first published during the time of The Great Depression.

“Three Feet From Gold: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities” has co-authors Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid. They share enough golden nuggets of wisdom to motivate, educate, and inspire just about any human being with a pulse. If you are even the least bit interested in transformation, success, and abundance, this book could change your life forever.

I read Three Feet From Gold when it was published and released in 2009. Turn the page to forward to April 2006. I just finished back to back readings of the book. Hence, my inspiration to write and share this post.

An area of the book’s content which really resonated with me this time was the topic of dreams and goals. Here are a few of the golden nuggets on the matter from Three Feet From Gold:

  • A dream is a reality waiting for you to get there. 
  • A dream is just a dream until it is written down. Then it becomes a goal.
  • We are always moving toward or away from a goal.

So, what’s your point dude?

The point is this. It has everything to do with the launch of Event TV News.

I’ve created, produced, and performed live television newscasts in a variety of corporate event and corporate meeting settings for probably 20 years. One reality is these totally customized shows were always very well-received by audiences. They were viewed as informative, engaging, exciting, and highly entertaining. Another reality is my experience in doing these custom television newscasts was always as a subcontractor. I served corporations as a loyal, third-party “Jack of All Trades” for a corporate event production company.

event tv news

Event TV News means I’m now on my own. That company has shifted its business in another direction. I’m now the front man and behind the scenes guy for own business delivering custom live television newscasts. But the audiences are still the same. I’m still serving event planners, corporate event production companies, meeting planners, and others. I’ve got the same burning passion and desire to provide the highest levels of creativity, production quality, client satisfaction, and personalized customer service.

I’m now taking action one of my dreams. I turned it into a goal. Next, I turned it into a reality. I am continually moving toward this goal in corporate entertainment.

Event TV News will be successful. It will be successful for your needs. It will be successful for mine, too. I will not let obstacles beat opportunities. I will not quit Three Feet From Gold.

How may I serve you?