Act:  Corporate Performer (News Anchor)


Thomas Baldrick has a bio different than other corporate performers. But that’s okay. Thomas is different, and so is his act.

He is not about being on stage to take time away from your corporate agenda. He doesn’t have to try somehow to connect with your goals and objectives. Instead, the Custom Live TV Newscasts he creates are all about being on stage to align with your goals and objectives. His purpose is driving home the important messages of your corporate event. And doing so in highly-entertaining, and highly-effective ways.

Being different is good news, isn’t it?

Here’s a look at the story of the guy who loves to tell your stories. Thomas Baldrick is a unique, multi-talented individual. He has won 7 Emmy Awards for television excellence as an on-camera host, reporter, producer, and writer. His strong creative and production skills compliment his personality on-camera and onstage.

Raised in Philadelphia, Baldrick began in major market TV, soon after being Homecoming Big Man on Campus at Temple University. Yet it was six months before he even graduated with his degree in Radio-Television-Film. Starting as a production assistant in the Sports Department at the CBS-owned station in Philadelphia, he rose to producer, and on-air reporter.

A creative but curious mind led him beyond sports. He developed entertainment shows, including critically-acclaimed biographies and documentaries.


Photo: Thomas Baldrick interviewing PA. Governor Ed Rendell

Near and dear to his heart for a decade, Baldrick shined as host of what was his hometown’s signature event, the Philadelphia Mummers New Year’s Day Parade. At the time, it was a highly-rated, 10-12 hour live television marathon. He also proudly served as TV host of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon in Philadelphia.


On to national television, Thomas traveled the country for various network shows with highlights including:

  • As staff reporter for “Billy Packer’s College Basketball, Baldrick ate Blimpie’s burgers with Shaquille O’Neal, and let the world know the name, Shaquille, ironically meant “little one.”
  • As producer of TLC’s documentary, “A Wedding Story,” Baldrick helped lead the quick turnaround of the series from possible cancellation to the most-watched show on the network.
  • As a skilled and personable reporter, Baldrick’s knack for delivering important interviews led him to on-camera visits with Oprah, Donald Trump, Billy Crystal, Stevie Wonder, and more for “Access Hollywood” and “Entertainment Tonight.”

Working for ABC News, Thomas Baldrick’s love for news and people thrived and grew. For “World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” and “20/20,” he covered breaking news ranging from the 9-11 tragedies in New York and Shanksville, to deadly hurricanes and school shootings, as well as politics, working with figures from Joe Biden to George Bush, and Al Gore to Tom Ridge.


Photo: Thomas Baldrick with Vice-President Joe Biden

Among his other personal highlights at ABC News include landing the first TV interview with an American POW during the Iraq War, and being chosen by his peers to be the only television reporter live on the scene in Pennsylvania as the miners were pulled to the surface in the famous, “Miracle of the Miners” rescue.


Thomas Baldrick’s step into the corporate news arena began with hosting “Live at 5,” a live meeting simulcast to audiences in 5 cities, led by legendary thrombosis treatment expert, Graham Turpie, M.D. This led to the idea of developing customized newscasts for national sales meetings and product launches.

From concept and pre-production through writing, video production and on stage live performances, you can trust Thomas Baldrick to deliver the high quality storytelling you want and need for the audiences at your corporate events. His great sense of humor will also get them laughing.

The 3 P’s

Thomas Baldrick has the passion, personality, and professional skills to create positive and memorable experiences through Custom Live TV Newscasts. When it comes to your corporate events, he will prove to you how he delivers and truly “cares.”

C – Creative.

A – Accommodating.

R – Reliable.

E – Experienced.

S – Successful

Who better to help you tell the important stories of your important corporate event than a proven expert storyteller? This is why you want Thomas Baldrick.