ILEA logoISES is Now The International Live Events Association – ILEA

#EventProfs meet ILEA. It’s a name to remember. It’s a brand to remember, too. This is because ISES, the International Special Events Society is now the International Live Events Association, ILEA.

The official change was announced today. The ILEA name is effective immediately. The news was released in a video broadcast by the association’s president, Jodi Collen, CSEP.

Ms. Collen said, “The world has changed phenomenally since the International Special Events Society was founded in 1987.  Our industry has always kept up and changed with it. This is the culmination of a process that began several years ago. It will continue as our association continues to evolve.”

This is more than just a name change. It’s an image change, a new look, a new sound, a whole new identity. It’s both more personal, and better fitting.

According to the statement released by ILEA, the change now “reflects the now fully global nature of the association and the more relevant term of ‘live’ used by its members to describe the wide range of events delivered.”

“We are known by our global members and partners as the live events industry,” said Ms. Collen. “‘Live’ is quite simply the best way to express and communicate in one powerful word the fantastic energy and clarity that live events, no matter what kind, bring to human communication.”

The new name change to ILEA makes sense. It works. Sadly but equally true, we’ll report here on the unfortunate situation. It occurred through the fault of no one. The old name ISES was already changed by an association it never wanted anything to do with. Unfortunately, ISES got dragged through the mud and the blood by the rising global awareness of a certain terrorist organization with a similar name.

The new brand of the new look association will be brought to market in the near future. Meanwhile, in sharing the exciting news, we offer best wishes for success and longevity. May a great choice bring great rewards.

Long live ILEA.