You won’t see them naked. But you will get to see event professionals up close…and personal. These insider opportunities will come in our new series on EventTVNews.com. We’re calling it EVENTPROFiles.

EVENTPROFiles is a storytelling series.

The stories will feature profiles of #EventProfs. We’ll also create profiles of companies, destinations, and even events themselves. If there is a real story to tell. And if it has to do with the meeting and event industries, then you may find it here.

EVENTPROFiles offers a great new way to get to know other interesting event professionals, or discover new things about them you didn’t know. You will get a chance to learn about them as unique individuals. You may also get a chance to learn something from them as talented professionals.

Sure, you may be well connected in the industry. You may have hundreds of contacts in your cell phone. You may have scores of Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) as Twitter followers. You may be Facebook friends with many more management folks in the event planning and meeting planning industries. But you can’t know everybody. And besides you’re busy.

Think of EVENTPROFiles like potential networking opportunities on your device of choice at a time that’s convenient for you.

If you would like to recommend an event professional or other story for #EVENTPROFiles, please just drop us a line. We’ll be grateful and happy to give it a look.