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Admit it. You’re guilty. But don’t worry. We all are. At one point or another, we’ve criticized or joked about someone we know for having “multiple personalities.” No joke. John Di Domenico really does. And event audiences around the world love him for it.

“I’ve been doing this a long time and worked very, very hard to perfect all of my characters,” he says.

A writer, producer, corporate entertainer, and character actor, John Di Domenico comfortably and seamlessly wears multiple hats to go with his multiple personalities. The list includes:

Austin Powers

Benjamin Franklin

Dr. Evil

Dr. Phil

The Godfather

Guy Fieri

Jay Leno

Larry King

And last but not least…the King of all publicity in America in 2016… Donald Trump.


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Di Domenico is definitely not a “Johnny Come Lately” in capitalizing on the popularity of Trump. It’s quite the opposite in fact. He’s a classic case of an entertainer taking years to suddenly become an overnight sensation.

“I started doing Donald Trump 12 years ago,” he says. “I got a call regarding a voiceover. The call was on a Friday. The audition was on Monday. I went out and bought the first season of ‘The Apprentice.’ I spent 30 hours watching it. I was able to crack his voice, and got the booking. I started doing multiple voiceovers as Trump. And then someone called me and said, ‘Hey listen, you do a lot of characters. Could you do Donald Trump, full regalia, suit, tie, wigs?'”

The suits and ties were easy but costly. As one could imagine, acquiring a wig to match Donald Trump’s hair “style” was a unique journey. For that, John turned to Bob Kelly, the head wig guy for Broadway and Saturday Night Live. He also hired someone to design Trump-like makeup. Now it guides a tedious process which takes John 1-2 hours before every appearance.


But it’s worth every brush, wipe, dab, glue, and spray. 

“When I do a really large show and come out on stage, people think it’s Donald Trump at first,” he laughs. “It’s like the highest compliment. And I start doing the voice, and I start doing my comedy bit, and they know by then it’s not Trump. But it’s very well-received and always gets a great response. People want photos with me, all sorts of photos. They want me to fire them, too.”

Television networks don’t want to fire John Di Domenico. It’s just the opposite. They like to book him as a highly entertaining guest. John appears as a regular on “Red Eye with Tom Shilue” on the Fox News Channel. You also hear him in regular on-air phone calls with Conan O’Brien on his late night show on TBS.


“For me to do the impersonation correctly I have to be apolitical,” John says. “I have to be him, not someone who is either for him or against him.

‘How do I feel doing Trump?’ I have to tell you, I feel great. I can say almost anything and get away with it. And it helps me get in touch with the surly person I am, and the things I actually want to say, but because of tact and decorum I don’t say. So when I’m in the Trump character I’m more willing to be a little more rude, a little more crude, a little more crass.”
john didomenico-julian-thomas-baldrick

Despite being a Philly transplant now residing in Las Vegas, John Di Domenico isn’t betting on Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. He’s just enjoying every day of his once in a lifetime ride on the Trump Train…however long it lasts.


Despite the array of characters John Di Domenico does, there are no inflated egos event professionals have to endure working with him. You could call it his “attitude of gratitude.”

John Di Domenico appreciates where he is now in life, especially when comparing it to where he was. “Actually I had a severe speech impediment as a child,” he says. “But I found I could actually speak in other voices without the impediment. So I became an impersonator or impressionist out of necessity. It was the only way others could understand me.”

Maybe John Di Domenico’s life and career are examples of destiny. Maybe they’re examples of the power of choices and overcoming challenges. Either way, if you like inspirational stories of underdogs winding up on top, you can’t help but root for John Di Domenico as a performer as well as a person.
One can only think of his amazing impression of Austin Powers and want to shout out, “Yeah baby!”
To learn more, visit John’s website. Or call Lee McDonald at Key Artist Group – (800) 522-9759 extension -1.