Who doesn’t like getting good news? God knows event planners and meeting planners sure do. Smile. We know it, too. Event planners rock.

We understand and value all you do. You’re often multi-tasker and firefighter,  arbitrator and accountant, counselor and confidant. To pull off live events and corporate meetings successfully, you wear multiple hats. No need to book a professional juggling act to perform. Just look at a day in your life. For starters:

• You have to constantly juggle your schedule and priorities.
• You have to juggle personal and professional goals and needs with your event.
• You have to juggle challenges and requirements with the venue.
• You have to juggle the hopes, needs, requests, demands, and potential pitfalls of clients…and how they change.
• And oh yeah, you sometimes have to juggle interesting personalities, don’t you?

Now here’s some good news.

You won’t have personality or ego difficulties when booking Thomas Baldrick and the Event TV News Team. They love to deliver daily live newscasts at your events. They love to create ways to support your event theme and agenda. They love to help event planners. They love to be part of the solution in supporting you, your team, and your clients.

Isn’t it nice to know you’ll be booking an experienced live event and corporate meeting performer who comes from a strong production background? It’s someone who really knows, understands, and values all that has to take place behind the scenes in order for you, audiences to feel happy and successful.

Years of successfully doing live television strengthened Thomas Baldrick’s “old school” work ethic. In TV you must always make all deadlines. You must be always be prepared. You must always be on budget. And you must always be on time. Try going on the air and telling the audience, “Come back soon. We’re not ready. We need more time or money.”

Your next live event would be at the local unemployment office.

As event planners, you have a full plate. And we’re not talking about catering. For you to be successful, you have to find solutions for managing and aligning the ideas, issues, and best interests of everyone involved with your event.

Booking Thomas Baldrick will help you to do all of this. Plus, you’ll have an act and an ally you can trust.

How about having added confidence and support instead of one more person and problem to worry about? We look forward to hearing from you. For some good news, call us at (844) 888-0200.