EVENTPROFiles – Chris Hatala

#EventProfs, you won’t find it on a GPS. This is a place you can only get to by following passion. Welcome to the intersection where play meets work, where games are taken super seriously. This is the world of Games Done Legit. It is a new world created by event professional, Chris Hatala. You could [...]

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EVENTPROFiles – John Di Domenico

Admit it. You're guilty. But don't worry. We all are. At one point or another, we've criticized or joked about someone we know for having "multiple personalities." No joke. John Di Domenico really does. And event audiences around the world love him for it. "I've been doing this a long time and worked very, very [...]

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You won’t see them naked. But you will get to see event professionals up close…and personal. These insider opportunities will come in our new series on EventTVNews.com. We’re calling it EVENTPROFiles. EVENTPROFiles is a storytelling series. The stories will feature profiles of #EventProfs. We’ll also create profiles of companies, destinations, and even events themselves. If [...]

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