You Can’t Lose with Our News

 Event TV News produces Live TV Newscasts at your event. The shows are usually 10-15 minutes to start off the day right. The news they cover is the action at your event. They showcase your people. They add fun and excitement for all.

Now let’s quickly go beyond the headlines.

Event TV News produces news you can trust. This is because you control it. We serve you throughout the planning, reporting, and producing process. We create the right blend of headlines, features, and interviews to inform and entertain your audience. The content can be either breaking news or reinforcing key messages. The people spotlighted are ones you choose.

This is really your news, for your use. That’s our corporate mission. That’s our corporate approach.

There is no hidden exposé reporting to worry about. There are no big egos to worry about…at least not on our end. : )

7-Time Emmy Award winner, Thomas Baldrick, and his small News Team are skilled and dedicated professionals. They know and embrace working for you and with you. They take great pride and satisfaction in providing creative services to help make your corporate event a huge success.

This team supports your team. It’s really that simple.

Whether it’s a camera operator, editor, producer, (or especially Thomas), your needs will be honored and fulfilled. Your entire team will be treated in an honest, respectful, professional, and solution-oriented manner.

Recommendations for Event TV News Success

Establish Your “Executive Producer.” This means selecting someone on your event planning team to serve as the “point person” for dealing with Thomas Baldrick and the news. This can cut down on confusion, frustration, and communication related delays and other challenges.

A Valued Vendor. Think of Thomas Baldrick as another of the key vendors for your corporate event’s success. Include him in important pre-meeting production conferences, even if primarily to listen. There is real value to this. He learns how you’re thinking and planning, and can get ideas for news content. In addition, Thomas can think and serve as a creative consultant.

Welcoming an “Insider” always works best. Knowing the inner workings of a company and establishing relationships with some of its people is invaluable in preparing for any corporate event. It is especially true with the pressure and responsibility of an act which includes live reporting on them. Establishing familiarity in advance of converging on the meeting venue greatly benefits your team as well as Thomas’.

Site Visits. It can be helpful to include Thomas Baldrick to travel with you and other key vendors to visit the venue for your corporate event. He will be able to identify obstacles and advantages impacting the TV News production success. Even more important…is for Thomas to visit your corporate headquarters in advance of the event to truly get a feel for your company, its culture, and people. This visit can often include doing video interviews with those in key leadership positions.


Event TV News is more than unique corporate entertainment. It effectively delivers the news and information you want your audience to receive and remember. It is a team-building concept which bring your attendees together, helping everyone feel like a participant, not just a spectator.

Event TV News doesn’t get old or forgotten quickly. In fact, it’s news you can use to create long-lasting memories of your event.

Solid preparation prepares you for production success. We hope these insights provided here gives you a sense of the Event TV News commitment to quality, service, and excellence.

To discover how we can help to the stories of your event, call (844) 888-0200.